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Should I use Wordpress or Wix?

Both have their pros and cons. What works for your business may be different than another. I see Wordpress as a more customizable option for those who see their business growing and expanding in the future, but is less user friendly. Wix is more user friendly, yet less customizable, but a good option if you need a simpler site. See a more detailed comparison here!

Will you write the copy for my website?

I do not currently offer website copy. That is something you will need to provide for me to input into your site.

You can either hire a copywriter, or work on writing your content yourself. There are helpful templates and guides to do that online if you search on google.

Will you create my logo?

I offer simple logo design as an add-on for an extra fee. I will make a few different logos for you to choose from on Canva. I do not hand draw any elements in my logos.

See my recent logo designs here!

What hosting should I use for my Wordpress site?

I love Siteground. They are fast, secure, have automatic backups, and have excellent support. I recommend Siteground to all my clients!

What legal documents do I need for my site?

This is something you should consult a lawyer about. Most clients have at least a Privacy Policy, Terms & Conditions, & Cookies Policy. Some clients use online generators to get these docs (Termsfeed, etc.)

Are you available for support as needed in the future?

Yes! I love working with my clients long term on their sites. It's good to have a trusted web-person on your side for little updates, add-ons, etc. I charge $60/hr for website edits, updates, and support.

Do I really need to hire a photographer?

Photos are a huge part of the vibe of a website. I recommend that all my clients work with a photographer to get professional photos of themselves to put on the site. Having professional photos makes a huge difference in your site appeal!

Should I start a blog?

Blogs are great for SEO, but if you absolutely cannot see yourself blogging, then don't! It takes time and energy to get into the practice of blogging. If you do decide to blog, sharing the post across your social media accounts helps drive engagement, bringing more people to your site, which improves your SEO performance.

How often should I be checking in on and updating my site?

If you have a Wordpress site, it's important to check in on your site at least once a month. Keeping themes, plugins, and Wordpress core updated is important in order to help stave off hackers and web security issues.

I offer monthly maintenance for Wordpress sites to do this work for you.

Need Support?

Reach out to get the help you need!

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