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Image by Christina Deravedisian

What a soul-aligned website looks like:

  • You feel connected to your site, like it’s your own, like it came from your heart

  • It houses all of your goodness, your information and services in a way that is easy for clients to navigate

  • Your clients can feel YOU in it, and they intuitively will feel pulled to reach out if they’re meant to. It encourages your clients to take action in a way that feels good to them

  • It aligns perfectly with your branding, with images and content curated to create a world unique to your service

As an intuitive web designer and healing arts practitioner, my main goal is to help healers, therapists, and coaches have websites that truly embody the soul of your business.

Because this is how we attract the clients we are meant to work with. It’s like putting a big energy signature on your site that says, “It’s ME! Do you feel my energy? Do you resonate with it? If so, reach out!”

So, how in the world do we do this?

About Me

About Me

About Me

And in the web design industry, this sounds a little crazy. But what I’ve found is that:

The more I engage the universe in the web design process, the more mind-blowing the results become. 

I believe it starts with sacred intention.

Why it Works

This method works. And it especially works for people like you, who are doing beautiful work in the world. 

When you partner with the universe, anything is possible.

When your desires are coming from a heart-centered place, like reaching those you are meant to help, I believe that the universe helps us figure out the best way to do that.

It’s my job as your web designer to listen and translate that guidance into your website.

This results in a website that is truly aligned with you, your business, and your purpose.

Setting Sacred Space

Before any work is done, I set sacred space and call in the support from the Universe to support the web design process.

Setting the Intention

While in sacred space, I set the intention that your site reaches the clients it is meant to for the highest healing of all.

Utilizing Intuition

I meditate and journey on your unique business, to see what sort of imagery, feel, colors, and overall vibe comes up intuitively. Throughout the design process, I stay open to intuitive hits and nudges that come in.

Powerful Co-Creation

Based off your wants and needs, coupled with my intuitive nudges, we bring to form a soul-aligned website for you that can truly house the beautiful essence of your service.

What it Looks Like

How I Bring in the Magic

I find so much joy in helping heart-centered business owners like you spread your healing and magic to the world.

As someone who believes in what it is you offer, I make it my mission to get you online in the best way possible.

With compassion and gentleness, birthing your site into the world can be a sweet, magical process.

Let me show you just how magical the process can be!

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