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About Us

Who I Am
Meet the designer

Hello everyone! My name is Katie Pendergast. As a web designer and healing arts practitioner, I have combined my skillsets to create online spaces for the healers and helpers of the world.

My background in the intuitive healing arts has paved a pathway for me to work specifically with healers, therapists and coaches to get their business online in a way that is truly aligned.

As someone who knows the ins and outs of owning a service-based business, I know what it's like to struggle with putting yourself out there. Web design and development is like a foreign language for many, which makes it that much harder to accurately birth a website into the online world that truly reflects YOU.

Working with someone who is well-versed in the language and energy of the healing professions as well as the technical language and skill of web design and development is key to putting forth the most aligned version of your business online.

Sacred Web Design was created to help bridge the gap between the healing world and web design.

Our Story

What is Sacred Web Design?

Sacred Web Design was created by Katie Pendergast, a web designer and energy healer, to help heart-centered practitioners like you build a website that aligns with your unique offering.


Katie uses her intuitive background, combined with her love for building, to create an online "world" that holds the vibe and frequency that you are here to share.

Our Clients

Who we work with

At Sacred Web Design, we work with heart-centered individuals who are looking to build a website that embodies their unique essence. We primarily work with healers, coaches, and therapists, but we are open to working with any individual who feels called to work with us.

Past clients we've worked with include:

  • naturopaths

  • authors

  • artists

  • musicians

  • psychologists

  • spiritual guides and coaches

  • mental health therapists

  • massage therapists

  • life coaches

  • energy healers

  • intuitive guides

  • acupuncturists

Image by Ryan Parker
How We Work
When you decide to work with us, you are choosing to:
  • Collaborate with someone who understands the ins and outs of having a healing business

  • Work with someone who has the technical knowledge it takes to set up a SEO friendly website that converts readers to clients

  • Work with an intuitive web designer

  • Work with someone who can hold compassionate space for you as your site is birthed into the world

  • Work with someone whose mission it is to support others in spreading more healing, love, and kindness in the world

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