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10 Google Business Tips for Healers, Coaches & Therapists

As a healer, it is important for you to be able to reach the clients you are meant to work with via your online presence. Your Google Business Profile is one of the most important tools you can have to help you with this. According to Google,

Clients are 2.7 times more likely to consider a business reputable if they find a complete Business Profile on Google Search and Maps. They are also 70% more likely to visit businesses with a complete Business Profile.

Figuring out how to optimize Google Business correctly is vital to anyone in who has a local business. Here are some tips to help you rank higher with your Google Business Profile:

1. Get a SEO Friendly Business Name

When you fill out your Google Business Profile, it's best for your profile name to have at least one keyword included that clients will be searching for.

For example, if I have a massage practice called The Happy Place, I will want to make sure I also include a keyword such as massage, spa, or bodywork. So instead of just "The Happy Place", I will put in as my profile name The Happy Place Massage, or The Happy Place: Massage Studio, or The Happy Place Spa. These keywords help because when people decide to Google "Massage near me", businesses that have the word "massage" in their profile name will be ranked higher.

You need to be careful with this, though, because Google can penalize you for stuffing keywords in to your profile name. So don't go overboard with adding a bunch of keywords to it. Keep it simple!

Really it's best if these keywords are actually part of your business name, because in general, a business name that accurately describes what you offer will be easy for potential clients to see and understand what it is you do. It is better for SEO and local rankings. So, something to think about when you're branding your actual business name.

2. Verify your Business on Google

If you don't verify your business, Google won't put it on their local search results, meaning you will not show up at all when people use the app (which is a huge percentage of people). Not sure how to do this? Click here to learn more.

3. Fill out Every Possible Section

Wherever there is a little pencil icon to edit, do it!

This includes things that you would maybe think don't matter for your business such as: Health and Safety, Special Holiday Hours, Crowd, etc. When it doubt, fill it out! People like seeing a complete profile, and so does Google, so you will end up ranking higher.

4. Pick One or Two Categories for your Business

On your Google Business Profile, you get to choose categories for your business. It is better to choose one or two categories, but not more than that. This helps Google focus in on what you really do offer. The more you add categories, the more you will get lost in the sea of all the others. Keep it simple.

Healers tend to wear many hats. For example, at one point in my life I identified with being a coach, an energy healer, and an intuitive guide. Really hone in to what you offer and see what categories Google has to offer for your business profile, then choose one to two categories that align with your unique service.

5. Utilize Posts

Google has a feature where you can update your customers on happenings, offers, events or new products. Use this tool like you would your social media profile to keep your potential clients up to date on what's going on.

Use photos, preferably real photos, in these posts. Do this regularly, because it shows Google that you are active on the platform, which they seem to reward. It also makes you seem more "real" to potential clients browsing your page, which can make them want to engage with your site.

6. Get Reviews and Respond!

While getting good reviews is probably the most important aspect of ranking higher on Google, it's also important for you to respond to them. This helps potential clients see you as trustworthy and approachable. It gives them a sense of who you are in how you respond. As most healers know, words matter, and the energy you use when you respond to your lovely clients really does shine through.

This is also tells Google that you are actively using your profile, which they will reward.

7. Add Photos to your Profile

Google likes it when you have photos on your profile. Potential clients also like seeing real photos of real places and people. I have a client who takes beautiful photos of her massage healing space and posts them on her profile. Not only does this help your client see a glimpse into the energy of your service, it shows Google that you are actively using the profile, which it rewards.

Having photos gets a lot more traction and clicks, but it's important that you continue to add new photos regularly. Don't just do this once and be done with it, which leads me to my next point...

8. Update your Google Business Profile Regularly

This is key. Don't just create your Google Business Profile and forget it exists. It is very important that you stay active on your profile. Update your information as needed. Set holiday hours when they're about to happen. Post regularly. Respond to reviews. Add photos.

See your profile as a dynamic online business card, constantly updating and changing. People like to see recent posts, new photos, and updates. It makes you seem real, active, and thriving. Let your potential clients in on the happenings in your world.

9. Get Backlinks to your Website

"What are backlinks", you say? Anything that links to your site from another site is a backlink. The more high quality backlinks you have to your site, the better SEO you have, and the better SEO you have, the higher up you go on search rankings.

Ways to get backlinks include: creating social media business accounts, getting on Yelp, networking sites, online directories, niche websites that align with your services, etc. Some people are lucky enough to even get their business featured in online magazines, other blogs, and local newspapers. Basically, any website that somehow links back to your website is a backlink, and Google likes backlinks.

For example, when I was helping a client with her Google SEO, I researched and saw she only had 3 backlinks to her site. When I compared that to the top search result for her industry in her local area, they had 157 backlinks. It really does make a big difference in search result rankings.

10. Get a SEO friendly Website

A website should be as easy for search engines to read and understand as possible. Having a site that is SEO friendly is akin to having a cell phone with GPS. It's a necessary part of people being able to actually find you when they need to. There are many strategies to make a site SEO friendly, which I plan on writing a full post about soon.

You can DIY your website SEO, or if that sounds intensely exhausting to you, there are people you can hire who specialize in this type of work who can support you. While I do not claim to be a SEO expert, when I design a website I work from the ground up, implementing SEO strategies as I go, so that my clients can reach those they are meant to work with.

Get the support you need for your business to thrive in the world!

Final Words

Ranking higher on Google Business takes dedication, intention and perseverance. It's also an ongoing, long term practice. There isn't much of a quick fix for rankings. It can take weeks, months, even years to find yourself higher up on search results. It all really depends on Google's algorithms. But if you do what you can on your end to make your profile and site as SEO friendly as possible, it will eventually climb.

I truly hope these tips are able to help you boost your online presence to reach the lovely clients you are meant to work with. And if you need more support, reach out!


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