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Sacred Web Templates

Semi Custom Site Design for Healers, Therapists & Coaches

Are you ready to launch your healing business and get yourself out there, but you need a website that doesn't break your budget?

As someone who has started a healing business myself, I know that investing in a custom website can be expensive and out of reach to many new business owners.


This is why I've created a new service to support my fellow healers, therapists and coaches who need a more affordable option to get their sites up and running.

I'm happy to introduce to you my:

Semi-Custom Site Design Service

Image by Christina Deravedisian

A semi-custom site uses an intuitively designed Squarespace template as its base.

We then go in and customize the template using your provided colors, branding, font, written content, images, and logo.


This essentially creates a whole new site with its own unique vibe.

See Our Templates

How it Works

Step 1

Pick a Template

Choose your favorite template that you want me to customize with your branding, content, images, colors, and logo.

Step 2

Schedule your Design Week

Book your Design Week with me. This will be the week I customize your chosen template with all of your branding, images, logo, content and colors. You will want to book this week out enough to give you time to get all those things together before the Design Week starts.

Step 4

Send me your content, images, colors and logo

Send me all the content you want me to put into your new site (written content, images, colors, logo, etc) and functionality details (social media links, booking links, newsletter link, SEO keywords).

Step 5

Design Week

I will customize and set up your chosen template with all of your provided colors, images, and content during the Design Week.

Step 6


I will send you your new customized website and I will help set it up on your domain so it is live.

Step 3

Get your Content, Images, Colors & Logo Ready

Write up your content you want on your website, get your images, color palette and logo put together.

These need to be sent to me at least 3 days before our Design Week start date.

What's Included with a Template Purchase:


An intuitively designed website template of your choice - with Home, About, Services, Contact, Blog, and 404 Error pages.

Access to a library of resources to help you set up your site on Squarespace.

Guided meditation to tap into the essence of your business.

Links to Canva graphics used on the template for you to customize yourself.

Curated folder of images used for the website template from


SEO optimization to organically rank higher on search results

Integrations including: blog, contact form, email marketing (newsletter), social media, and online booking/scheduler.

Support in setting up the site on your domain and host.

Blog post migration from old site (up to 5 posts). More posts for added fee.

30 day post launch complimentary website support (maintenance plans available as needed afterwards)

My Squarespace Templates may be for you if:

You are a healer, therapist or coach who isn't quite ready to invest in a fully custom site design

You are happy to have a site made using a template, that can be customized with your branding, colors, fonts, images and content.

You want to DIY your site yourself on Squarespace. OR, you want to hire me to set up and customize your template for you. (See my Template Set Up Service).

You are being urged by the Universe to get your website online ASAP.

Timeline: 2+ weeks

Once you purchase this package and book your time with me, your written copy, images, logo and color palette will need to be sent to me by the start date.

From the start date, it will take me about 2 weeks to set up your site.

I recommend clients booking this service at least a month out so they have time to get their content ready.

Investment: $2000

This includes the website template and the website template set up service.


If you need extra pages, new sections, or any other added customization to the template I will charge my hourly fee of $65/hr.

What I'll Need From You

You will send me your website written copy, logo, images, and color palette by the start date.

The Details

Reach out via the contact form to get in touch, and we will set up a free consultation call to go over your site needs and any questions you may have.

Ready to have a beautiful website that just feels right?

Web design for a children's mental health therapist:

Web design for a inner wisdom life coach and author:

Web Design for Human Design Reader and Coach - Sacred Web Design

Human design and energy healer web design:

See for Yourself

Past creations made with love, to reflect the unique essence of each business.

I HIGHLY recommend Katie! She is fantastic to work with. Kind, responsive, communicative, intuitive, creative, a fast thinker, patient, helpful, and in tune with my healer heart.


I feel so lucky to have found her to help me build my brand, my website and my marketing. I love what she designed for me. It feels like it is truly mine, from my heart.

- Diedra R., Massage Therapist


Get some clarity.

My background as an intuitive healer and channel supports my work as a web designer, as I intentionally tap into the energy of your business to “see” how it looks and then paint that on to your website. Every site design I work on starts with this initial intuitive site meditation, and then I stay open to the intuitive nudges that arise throughout the rest of the design process.

How exactly do you work “intuitively”?

Payments are split into three separate payments. The first 1/3 payment is the initial deposit which you pay when you sign the contract and secure your spot, the second 1/3 payment is at the scheduled start date of our work together, and the last 1/3 payment is due a day before the site completion date.

Do you offer payment plans?

I am not a copywriter, but I know of some amazing copywriters who can help you get your copy ready before our start date. You can also choose to write your own copy using templates found online.

Can you write the copy for me?

I offer simple logo design using Canva for an added $400. I typically will create a variety of logos for you to choose from. See some past logo designs here.

Will you design a logo for me as well?

Every site I create is built with SEO best practices in place. You will provide me with the keywords you are wanting to rank for, and I will arrange them on the back end in order for Google to clearly know what your site is about. As SEO is a long term game, I will also give you tips and coaching on how to create a game plan that will set your business up for success on Google!

Can you help me with SEO?

We will talk about this on our consultation call. Depending on your site needs, I will give some recommendations, and then we will go from there. I can build your website on Wordpress, Squarespace, or Wix.

Which website platform should I use?

Yes. We will schedule a training call where I will walk you through how to edit written content and images, as well as blog posts, on your website. This call will be recorded for your future use!

Will you teach me how to edit my site?

Of course! I love having long term relationships with my clients. Here is how I can support you post launch:

  • Complimentary Support- Each custom design client of mine will have 30 days of complimentary support post launch. 

  • Wordpress Support- I offer monthly Wordpress website care plans to help keep sites secure, updated and healthy. 

  • Hourly support as needed- I also offer my services at my $60/hr rate for site updates, edits, etc.

Will you support me with my site after launch?

Image by Christina Deravedisian

Ready to Dive In?

Reach out through my contact form to schedule your free consultation to get started. I look forward to connecting!

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